Lauren Red

I was speechless the first time I admired myself in the mirror, a woman who I would not be able to stop looking at if I crossed paths with her. This moment changed my life in a way I could have never imagined. There is still a photo of that moment out there somewhere, probably lost. I had sent it to a future admirer, even though it was at the beginning stage of my new passion, the photo was powerful enough that he had saved it and sent it back to me over three years later, asking if I was the woman who had originally sent him the photo. And my two passions came together, photography, and becoming Lauren Andrews.

About Me

And My Story

Hi, I’m Lauren, My home is in the northwest corner of Washington State. I enjoy the outdoors, I love to hike, bike, camp, fly fish, backpack, and outdoor photography.  I also cherish my quiet time with a book, or a favorite podcast. Coffee dates are my favorite way of meeting and socializing, and a sure way to win over my heart is a Peppermint Latte.
  I love to shop for new outfits and experimenting with different looks is an addiction of mine I often see a woman in an outfit that catches my eye, take notes, and go try to capture her outfit to see how it looks on me, it’s so much fun!  My makeup and jewelry are always evolving, especially my lipstick fetish.
  Photography and video are a passion of mine, I specialize in portraits, boudoir, and XX erotic photos and video. Maybe you’d like to try a photo shoot with me, or even model for me.  You can find my XX material on Onlyfans, ManyVIds, and Clips4Sale
  I am a lifelong musician and you might find me locked away in my home with my favorite guitar, I play a lot of different music, classic rock, blues, and classical guitar are my favorites.
  I can be your companion for an evening, or a quick lunch break therapy session, you will go back to work in a much better mood, and I’ll never tell, let me be your best kept secret.

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